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Feb 5, 2013 5:00pm EST
vonn took her vonn is expected to return for in time for the 2014 games in russia. >>> 61% of adult facebook users in our country took a break from the site for a few weeks at a time. 20% quit it altogether. reasons range from being too busy to getting bombarded with too much drama. i thought that's why we went on facebook. >>> budweiser is speaking of drama here, turns to social media to help name one of the stars of its super bowl commercial. the one everybody kind of choked up over. the anheuser-busch company named the 3 week old clydesdale foal hope. it was a popular suggestion from facebook, tweets, and messages it received after the commercial ran. we saw it over and over. >> we did. >>> there is a range of temperatures out will. we are already focussed on the possibility of our next storm. >> how big are we talking? >> it could be a really big storm as we make our way lou the day on friday. but the good news is that it will not be million provide. we have the rest of tonight, all of wednesday, thursday, and then we focused our attention on friday. right now a very nice evenin
Feb 8, 2013 5:00pm EST
in russia. >> in case you missed it, this guy adds new meaning to the term player's coach. we're in russia. this boy has a quick reaction. catches the pass -- unfortunately, that doesn't count. just remember, sharing is is caring. passing to your coach on the sidelines is a turnover. in michigan, how about getting some luck on your rear end. zack zenner showing fight for the western michigan play. hits the three-pointer at the buzzer while falling down. maybe it's the neon shoes. it's got to be the shoes. >>> hey kids, i'm open. during halftime of this week's pistons/knicks game, he tries to get in extra workout. only problem hrk the kids just keep playing. no thanks, mr. nba star. we've got this. >>> from getting shut out to yet another blackout. as if the super bowl power failure wasn't enoughment one day after the big game, the lights go out before tip between the kings and the jazz. the kicker, the outage occurs at the not so aptly named energysolutions arena. the solution was a bit quicker than their nfl counterparts. power came back on in about three minutes. >>> across the po
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2